First we must start with search engine conference, this is not a asked tag but we have few things to share about this.

In the web forums and blogs, the question so many time mentioned by the members is if they should spent money to attend one or more search conference that are available. They are asking that even they are worthwhile. My answer is not relative and I think the conference are very reliable.

Something alluring going on at a conference of your peers. Knowing that the industry is permanently crafted on a daily basis many there are available still topics of search that have no thought leader in place. And no one has consider them still.Though the SEO elites are approachable. The rules of society still apply.

During a speaking session, conference of a SEO person, blogger, try and comprehend the things between the lines, there are more than we see, SEO is more than advertise, it is something complex, like human being. Though, related to the conference, go to the person, try and introduce yourself, speak something about yourself, and comment his presentation. And some question related would be even better..

Sometimes when you are at a SEO Conference you will find yourself sitting next to a CEO or Advertise director, Marketing director coming from other related SEO firms, that could some day need your co-operation as an employee or consultant.

Most important is to talk with all the vendors, all of them they are trying to pitch the wares, still the experience is very important now you can tap into, because you are in the middle of the best. The result from the meeting can be positive, and you can develop a good relationship that might help you in the future.

For a good impression try and have more business cards to hand out, this might help. A great deal might be to write down something on it about whatever you have spoke, so he can remember you easily.

The most important is to enjoy the venue. Sometimes can be a real pleasure to see parts of some countries that you could not have a decent motive to visit it. Enjoy being in a place brimming with SEO experts.
Good Luck..