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DmoZ, we all know that is being daily debated positively and negatively everywhere, though the balance is pro and against because no one knows..everything..

But we all know that DMOZ provide Google’s back-up directory source..so more or less it is important to have your web-site listed there. But since it is being related that you will not get PR if you aren’t listed there, this is not totally true and you will get PR if you have quality link.. And how many time we have to dedicate to be DMOZ linked ?..I will tell you..no more than 10 minutes..

For submitting a site there you can apply by two ways..first way, the harder is to find the category of your site and reside in and submit your URL there.

The easy way is to submit your web-site into the regionally area, where your business location is. After take a look after the category that you want and Submit it..The exact might not be 100% exact but is DMOZ link..

Bow, how great and powerful is that link..?

A good advice is to collect good quality links and create for home security, and start directory submission doing press releases regular. The rewards will come quickly from Google..

Making submission regular, under any category and in few months it is being listed in DMOZ in the specific category. In no more than 3 days they appear in the first page of Google for the term where you submitted the Url.

Try to submit to a category with an editor. They can be busy at the time and accept only quality sites. So wait patient the results from DMOZ.