For many visitors that have not been on Internet lately on the web, there have been launched a big attention for the so called ’social-network’ web-sites like digg and others..

So, if you are wondering what does this have to do with your SEO..well it is something known as Digg effect that brings traffic to your web-site in low just minutes..
The rules are quite easy and fast to learn..all you have to do is to plant one, or more of your free stories or anything that you consider to be cool and then you will see the changes of digg community.. and then your post will get buried..

The secret of this is to get a story on this page and have more people to digg it..the post..or to vote your post, though reaching for the top will be impossible because is very hard..

Though something is clea, while more and more are Digging, in a while the doors will close and will wise that..

In  co-operation with Digg, there is Digg Alerts..But you have to know that at the end of the day you must have a compelling story so your readers might interact with your saying..

For having impact in Digg, you must have a great title and great summary so the readers will come and check to your site. Also it is important to fir in your web-site, choose the wright categories..because if the story doesn’t fit you will waste your time..

The result of using digg is a part of marketing and promoting strategy, that should build a name and bring traffic to your website. Though you should consider that digg users will avoid clicking Adsense because they are professionals and smell that technique right away.. Though the idea is to post regularly and become a friendly digg community, and will gain credibility in time..