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SEO is a hard work when is about to be done well and to see the results. Everybody expects to be ranked on Google, and everybody know that for having and being on top you need to be online very present, and beside that traffic is primordial.

What about the site copy…many do that, and posts other work..Few are able to do content optimization, because it is necessary to post the best of the best, no body knows that words sells, not images..So, to be prepared for the real conquest with the high competition, you have several things that you have to do, and do not for being in top:

  What to do:

  • In hyperlinks use keyphrases.
  •   Have your location displayed, is very important for those who are looking for vendors.
  • On the pages that you have the biggest rates, focus on them.
  • See how the same website get ranked for the same keywords.
  • Ask questions, like reporters do..
  • The main keyphrase can be use on every page, but not on the home page.
  • For the first page use something that is catching for the eye.
  • Very  important is  the  FAQ  pages, about the product.
  • Use meta tag description, you will be find faster in Dmoz, by Google, when it refers to content that he cannot find.
  • It is wise to use max. 3 keywords per page or you will get tagged for keywords spamming.

What not to do:

  •  Using many graphics.
  •  When you have copyrigted material do not add keywords.
  • What your visitors are looking for.