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Everybody shares this that Google reached a defining moment, critical in time, with it’s penalizing sites, paid links, and besides that shifts to the algorithm that makes SERPs just an other game everyday.
Knowing that, what’s the plan for surviving the Google penalty, because today you might be very well ranked and be very well paid from your traffic, that Google sends to your site naturally – but what if they flag your site for some un-merited form of spam!!!?

The big issue is that many visitors are gaming the system, and that’s why Google lashes out at the SEO community sometimes. We are doing things that many should do, meaning pushing them to provide relevant results . Conclusion is that, Google is huge, he delivers traffic, but it’s not the only one here, you should permanently looking to other ways for delivering traffic to your site like :

Try to be active in forums – the best way to promote or to get active in a forum is to answer question, but no selling products or services – try and perform your capability in answer and people will realize that you are professional and what you are saying is true, and worthy and they will use your service when they are ready..(or what ever you are advertise)..

Type articles -  For most this can be old-fashioned and very boring- but with the first point, it is a great way not only to show what are you capable of, but also inject your writing style. Many read content, not because for the content, but because they like the way you are put things into perspective.

  Help asked -  It is very daily to call when you are in trouble, whether you have your car down, or something else. Try and do the same on the web. Seeking for help, sometimes might connect a great relationship – so when you are in trouble do it..ask for help..

What’s on you mind – this rule is very good when you are giving replies to blogs, forums, articles and emails. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not..

   Use your clients – Use your clients relationship, and performing well for them, they will refer to other business relationship.

Google is great for delivering text-based computer crunched results, at the end of the day, human relation is what makes you money.