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Will this be easily apply by the users of Search Engine Optimization or would be just something like an update for web-development. !!! We all know that to get a high page ranked in Google it takes more time than doing it on MSN and YAhoo. We all know that MSN and Yahoo permit websites within weeks, but Google makes this sometime to wait more. The fact is made just to avoid the spammers that are on massive link campaigns.

The halo takes place when it gets first top ranked. So when you are achieving the PR#1 for a popular keyword, to reach the next ones are easier.

Statistics :

When I choose my name for my website, SEO was the exact name that I was optimized when i launched it few weeks ago. During few weeks I had done submission to directories, and essential writing articles regularly, at least 5-6 per week.

The work that will be needed to be done, is that Google to place the site into the research are, like a call it. And in few time, you will have the result like everybody else does, when work it is made.

The essential is to expand your keywords and have more, and so the search engine to be able to optimize them.

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To have an understanding of what I am saying, the results of SEO for Google was about 5 million. And the new results had more added results, and so my effort had to be huge.

So be aware of the keywords that can help you to get ranked.