When the power of Microsoft started to rise first in 90’s with their Operating system. By their invention today we are able to use more easy our personal computers, more, daily are made updates to the Operating systems.

To continue with our little story, also in 90’s two guys from Stanford started and launched a small search engine  named  BackRub,  today  also  known as Google.

So, after more than 15 years Google and Microsoft are the Kings of their business space. Google has search, and on the other part Microsoft own the Operating system market.

We come with a tricky question, is this going to change, in the future..?

Making a flashback to see how much has progressed in the past years the internet, we thinking how much he will still do. First internet was used by Military forces and Universities for store information so they could be more and easy to access by anyone with a www connection.

And now you can download about everything that you need frm internet, starting from movies, mp3, having online banking, e-commerce and many others. The browser is the official Operating System of the internet.

From your browser you can access any information that you want, you don’t need to worry about the PC or MAC.  The content made in HTML doesn’t care what PC you have, it will redirect you the images and text in a logical format.

A new revolution has started with Mozilla’s FireFox, and Microsoft I.E that has few problems. And these are redirected to Google.

SO whatever might happen, in the future, the competition will be still around, to monopolize the Internet.