Wed developers, website administrators or what name they have now-days have more and more reasons to choose blogs, when they want to start a website. First they think at Google Adsense, then a better rankings made in search engine. Well how this is possible !?

Well blogs are know in search engine as snippets that are being daily or lets say more updated than other type of websites, so in that case they have a predilect in being searched. So, basiclly how we optimize a blog, to get it more search engined, to have more traffic, revenue with it..

Like on each case, each blog is on a specific niche, but there are still basic that can be applied, but you already know that.You already know on Google WordPress and Blogger, these are basicly the biggest. When you need to be index in SEO, use Blogger the index will be done faster.

Though the difference between a site and a blog is not that much. The power of a blog comes from THE POST. If the search engine see more than 3 posting per 3, then they will help you to spider your blog. Like I mention before, the niche of your blog is very important, because you can grow fast in rankings if you are talking about a good topic on internet.

Tips for Optimization :

Modify the structure of your website, because they are standard long of about few pages :
Try and have an attractive title. This should be captive for the visitors.
Use Keywords in your title. Try and keep the title related to the topic.

Related blogs, ask for a link in return. Archives is very important, in time a post might be very hot for the readers. It is not important to have a very long post, you can have a short one, and add few links all the times.