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The following article is a master work which gives the search engine marketers, freelancers, to see and have in their attention, action which are being considerate spamming for search engine. In consideration for the top professional marketers, and others top freelancers, the following article is perfectly ok with the standards that the search engine is striving for.

Having for defining standards, we start by saying that in search world, many terms are expressing opposite things. So, when this things are happening, spammers refuge. To be more concrete, let’s debate some used words, like :

Search Engine Spam :

When we are trying to get influence to search engine abilities , to calculate the relevancy. So, when these are being made search engine gets extreme and stops.

Non Search Engine Spam :

Consider if search engine would be history, and everything would be allow to be done. Search engine has not given the written permission. The definition places (non spam) in a context that is acceptable to all SEO professionals.

Spam has more categories , where he could be delivered. We are presenting two types of search engine spam :

Content Spam :

Humans web resource design. The data is only for search engine able to see.

Meta Spam :

Web resource data which describes more or one/differit Web resource incoherently/inaccurately.

Search engine are using two factors for calculating relevancy, so there are only two types of search engine spam. (on-page factors and off-page factors). For on – page factor we give for example keyword density – the often and early appears on a page. In the off – page factor we give for example link popularity : How many link on a page.

 Content Spam :

Does it possible, well yep. Why so, because the same URL has the possibility to deliver different content / the same content displayed some places different, for having mix of visitors. The HTTP and HTML support that, so deliver spam. So, while IMG support ALT text, in HTML then the image – enable visitors to a URL to see different content for the visitors. Delivering spam = equals delivery spam is a large matter of knowledge and ethics.