It is hardly known that the SEO business has a not so good reputation, and it is being reinforced and refresh by media and  every SEO professional, freelancers. We are all seeing dozens off SEO articles, about tips and black manipulation, though no one from the outside know the real work.

No matter what SEO has achieved so far, in selling products , SEO methods are providing the best results so far. If you are considering at this fact, what can provide a more efficient and more rapid result than SEO.

So, in tacking in fact the great reputation of SEO, on world wide web there are still many so called ‘ SEO experts ‘ . So by making announcements like growing fast in Page Rank, bring fast traffic, what they are do is just crack the search engine algorithms, and so they undermine the indexes and generate pages and pages of search engine spam. So, they make doorway pages made for search engine spiders than humans, having hidden text, links, and many tricks so they can surf on www.