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Time to time you are self asking question related to unknown and bissare things..Probably our mind because is a complex and an not totally discover..Everybody in his life has asked a few time for being redirected to store a stranger few informations. The answer probably will have two answers or probabilities, you will be redirected to the nearest or to the one he just passed. But if you are looking for something precisely and the stranger don’t know you will be redirected to Warner Bros store, which will not selling what are you looking for.

And you are wondering how this is possible..well very easy and many times can happen.. 

Professionally speaking, typing something for search engine means that in a seconds provide an answer or knows exactly what to answer when we type. The results are a lit of bit limited, because we are dealing with computers and the searching are limited. We could make a difference between the level of internet when he started in fresh 90’s  when the content was very poor and now when is very rich. Up then when you where searching for something only few lines were displaying to you because like I said the content was low. So, try and be specific when you are searching for something. Search Engine work is to give specific and relevant details. Telling more relevant phrases to the engine you will get rewarded for sure.

Making a different search you will see when you are looking for something being singular or plural the results will be very large. Words can be very complex. Try and type any word on Google you will see that it will provide to you at least 1.5 million results.  Make changes to the word and you will have more results.

We all know that search engine are programed to answer precisely and to deliver exactly documents for the keywords typed. With the help of an algorithm, Google determine the page with the relevant content. This is being made for all keyword and phrase, and the disparity in the search is the result..

An important fact is that for determining relevant keyword is need proximity. It is being very good to use a large gamut of spelling, but logical..talking about a variation of things makes more relevant the search engine to work on..but there are many factors which are involved on..