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Making suggestion to potential cliens it is very common in seo, but not those elusive word phrase. But doing so and with all seo professional on board, getting ranked for one – word phrases has become an possible fact.

Like anyone else from here, I have been able to get some top rankings for former clients, this is not a brag, but we all know that it can be very hard to go after one word, sometimes can be impossible.. when you are out of inspiration..

Some think that one word don’t convert, but my experience, says that these phrase drive a ton of traffic to the site – not all of them convert.. But 25% are ..

25% are coming in a one – word converts, at the rate for something on the site. Not for the phrase that brought them in, but that person converts on something precise..

For more help try Webtrends or Google Analytics that will tell you the phrase on which the person came in from..though for granular level detail, a site database capturing system is able to come up with. I t can track all the pages visited and will let you know if someone came on the site for a specific word..and ending selling something…

So, are those one-words phrase still looking bad, I think not..And having so many seo’s tools I think it is an opportunity to grab those top rankings for magic traffic drivers..

So, grab the words..