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Keywords for Website Owners or Other Content Creators

If you are creating or updating a site for a , you need a large and varied list of keywords to get the kind of performance from your website that results in new .

How can a list of keywords help? As stated in our June, 2018 post on keyword research, keywords are the fuel for the vehicles that drive all commercial activity on the Internet. This is no exaggeration. The keywords [inquiries, search terms, search phrases] by which visitors find their way to your site must not be left to chance.

Large Keyword Lists Lead to an Abundance of Web Content Article Topics

In many cases, the reason that the proprietors of a company, practice, clinic or franchise fail to get a significant amount of traffic to their website is that their site is lacking in substantial, relevant content that can be presented to prospects while they are searching for information. Google is NOT going to feature pages that only make passing reference to a topic.

Your expertise or product line may be far superior to others in your market; nevertheless, you will find that some of your weakest competitors outrank you [in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest] for some very important industry-related search terms for which your organization, in fact, has the best qualifications. The reason is simple. Those competitors have content on their sites about relevant search terms — perhaps, a large quantity of very high-quality content. Meanwhile, your content related to these profitable terms may be limited or even non-existent. OK, this list of keywords will help you overcome this problem.

Professional Keyword Lists
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Are These Keywords in the Google Keyword Planner?

Yes, all searched-for keywords are scattered throughout Google’s Adwords database. It would take many hours to find the majority of them within the GKP using special cross-referencing strategies. Note that these keywords are not a collection of longtail keywords that all contain the root keyword (). They also are not LSI terms that are essentially synonyms for the root keyword or phrase. The list contains actual search terms for which Google ranks several high DA websites of businesses from large-population US cities in the target: profession. These are the words and phrases typed by website visitors and prospects who are looking for specific information and/or asking specific questions (the best kind for creating content). SEO Publication compiles/updates several of these lists for different professions such as , monthly.

How to Use These Keywords

Don’t be concerned about Google’s cost-per-click associated with any keyword. That’s for the advertisers. Instead, here’s what to do… After you receive your Excel file, examine the keyword list for topics in which your team has sufficient expertise. These topics will be the themes for medium-length, detailed, written articles. For example, a chiropractor could probably write a thorough article explaining why one should not try to “crack your own back” (one of the keywords from the chiropractor keyword list); an insurance agent could write an article citing the likely perilous consequences of “creating a fake insurance id card” (one of the keywords from the insurance agency keyword list). These type of non-obvious search terms can be found in all of the keyword lists we have for sale.

Once you have identified a decent-sized list of topics, write (or outsource) one or more 700+ word articles on each of these topics and add them to your website. For each article, use the selected key phrase as the article’s title or as portion of the title. The site visitors who come to read these articles will be looking to solve a problem related to the article topic. Many will need immediate solutions. Of course, your content should ultimately explain why the website visitor needs to contact your organization for more details. A new lead is born…

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