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SEO Publication: Do Your Own SEO

SEO Publication is a service of Applied Analytic Systems, Inc., a business services firm that provides statistical and mathematical analysis and consulting to organizations worldwide.

This service, however, is NOT one of the many search engine optimization firms that demand $four-figures+ per month from our clients in return for obscure, expensive, and (sometimes) questionable methods claiming to get sites to the top of Google. While we know that many SEO agencies do excellent work that gets sites rank highly in search engines, we also know that most smaller organizations can not pay for such services. Many of these organizations have in-house personnel that are capable of performing a significant amount of the work on their own sites given proper instruction and guidance.

We publish reports and articles with SEO fundamentals, best practices, and links to resources that enable business owners to engage in DIY SEO, successfully making their Google and Bing referrals their primary sources of traffic and revenue. It is possible for those who dedicate the time to make real SEO progress, spending tens or hundreds instead of many thousands of dollars.

Information we publish that relates directly to search positions.

  • Industry Reports
  • Website Audits [custom service]
  • Keyword Research Techniques
  • On-Site HTML Optimization
  • Backlinking and Off-Site Promotion
  • Search Engine Changes
  • Content Creation Strategies
  • Google Analytics Interpretation
  • Advanced SEO Techniques

If you need a quote for any type of service, either one of those listed above, or, if you have a special request, call us at 724.965.3115. For general questions or feedback, use this form to contact us.

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