Link Building: Do This Not That

By | April 2, 2019
Link Building

How to Avoid Perilous Link Building Mistakes

Link building is an essential search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for all businesses and website owners wanting to drive search traffic to their site. It is important to understand the role of links in SEO, particularly if you are doing your own SEO.

Google and other search engines analyze inbound links to judge the quality and relevance of your website. Changes to search algorithms have affected link building strategies; low-quality links are often devalued. This can have a negative impact on search rankings. If you want to build a successful link profile for your website, avoid these dangerous mistakes that could lead to Google and Bing penalties and devaluation.

Don’t Buy Links

Link buying used to be a common SEO technique designed to gather large amounts of inbound links, particularly for new websites. Many websites achieved success by using this strategy, since search engines once analyzed the quantity of links to help determine the trustworthiness of a website. However, search algorithms have become more sophisticated. They are now able to analyze the quality and validity of inbound links. These algorithm changes have led to severe penalties for many websites that once ranked highly in search results. Google now punishes websites for buying links. Never buy links or offer goods, discounts and other items of value in return for a link. We know that this could trigger Google penalties.

Don’t Spam Your Link Building

Using forums, discussion groups, blogs and other online platforms to post comments that include a backlink to your website can also lead to penalties. If you want to use these types of online platforms to promote your business or website, make sure you choose discussions or topics that are relevant to your site. Try to add something valuable to the discussion and never post more than one link per message. Ideally, you should post at least half of your messages with no links included. Instead, you can just mention your site by name. Readers will find your site by themselves. This reduces the chances of your messages being reported for spam content.

Don’t Engage in Backlink Distribution

Distributing backlinks in media, apps and other software that serve no valuable purpose to users can result in heavy penalties from Google. While apps, widgets, infographics and other media or software can be used as an effective way to link back to your website, you must ensure that you are offering something of value to the user. Google is cracking down on this type of backlink distribution. It is very important, always, to consider the quality of any media or software you are providing.

Successful Link Building

Quick-fix strategies no longer work when building links. You need to focus on the needs of your customers and website visitors. The best way to create a successful link building strategy is to provide valuable content. This should be content to which other businesses and website owners will want to link from their own sites. Creating an authoritative website with useful content, and promoting your site effectively will make other people more likely to link to your content.

Link building is still an essential element of successful SEO. It is, however, more important than ever to avoid artificial link building strategies and tactics. Refrain from things like buying links, spamming online platforms and distributing backlinks in valueless software or media files. Creating and promoting valuable content is the best link building strategy for long-term search engine success.

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