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Local SEO Best Practices

Open for Local Business

Local SEO is the practice of search engine optimization for businesses that serve a limited geographical area. Many business owners focus their websites exclusively on their customers and prospects. Their concerns are only about what people will see when they get to their sites. It’s a problem because most small and local businesses usually don’t have the financial resources to buy enough advertising to purchase any significant web traffic. Also, paid advertising doesn’t have the credibility that search engine traffic enjoys. This is the reason for concentrating on local SEO. However, when local SEO is important, Google becomes a de facto customer to whom business owners must try to appeal as much as their local prospects and paying customers. If Google isn’t happy, many of those people will never know that the business owner’s website even exists. A business’ website must please Google in content and structure to gain access to valuable, free traffic.

Getting Traffic Doing Local SEO

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    The two things to remember about local content are 1) searchers and 2) search terms. A local area search can be implicit or explicit.