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By | May 14, 2019
SEO Content Marketing

The task of SEO content writers is to create website copy using large-volume keywords that will get ranked highly by Google and other search engines.

In our recent article Search Engine Optimized Content, we noted that many web developers create sites devoid of seo-focused content. In many cases, this includes much unrelated filler content.

Irrelevant content is inherently poor quality content. So, in addition to repelling prospects, this poor quality content can actually damage your search engine ranking. As a result, the average website will rank poorly in the search results for useful [high-volume] keywords.

Keyword-Focused Content Writing Service

To assist website owners, webmasters and website development firms, we have established a service to provide quality, white hat SEO friendly content on request. This will be well-integrated content that is very relevant to clients’ business, industry, products or service. Some clients choose to provide a list of keywords for use in articles. However, other clients want our content writers to research and develop lists of high-value, rank-able keywords on their own. Consequently, professionals in our network of content creators have experience in a large number of industries and their related fields.

SEO Content Writers Have Technical Skills

By nature, SEO is a fairly technical process. However, search engine oriented content creation also requires creativity. This involves the creative writing skill to marry search optimization with copy that influences real people. Because of this, our in-house content writers have degrees and experience in English, marketing, sales and technology.

By writing content optimizing on-page details that site owners can promote off-page [on other websites], SEO content writers produce extra value. Trained content writers produce effective content for improving your search engine positions. Also, you should not forget, well written content helps you to get higher conversions.

SEO and Content Marketing

A search engine-based content marketing strategy offers a framework for attracting, retaining and converting visitors. Note that, well-written excerpts have a positive effect on searchers, which can influence them to click through to your site. However, the compelling headlines and SEO-friendly content in your articles need to be backed up with quality products and offers.

Good content marketing specialists identify target audiences, and create and deliver to them valuable, relevant content. The irresistible offers, and the quality products and services are up to the website owner.

Our Content Writers Capabilities

  • Excellent proofreading, writing, grammar skills
  • Produce SEO friendly titles, and teases
  • Writing of effective ad copy
  • Content creation and storytelling
  • Emphasize white hat SEO techniques
  • Understand Google Ads and Google Analytics

Contact sales at to discuss your content creation requirements.

Online Content Creation Services

The following services provide freelance writers who write good content but, generally, are not SEO writing specialists.

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