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About CE Wyatt

CE Wyatt is a Senior Analytical Consultant who focuses on search engine optimization techniques, web analytics and website security. He has a masters degree from the prestigious Engineering School at The University of Texas at Austin and a masters degree in Computer Science from Texas State University, San Marcos.

Search Engine Optimized Content

One of the problems with our small business SEO clients is that their existing company websites frequently have content that Google will never rank highly in its results. At least, not for search phrases that will bring any significant traffic to their site. Many small business owners will create a website, or hire someone to… Read More »

Local SEO Best Practices

Local SEO is the practice of search engine optimization for businesses that serve a limited geographical area. Many business owners focus their websites exclusively on their customers and prospects. Their concerns are only about what people will see when they get to their sites. It’s a problem because most small and local businesses usually don’t… Read More »