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Keyword Research for Small Business

Keyword Research Tool

The Role of Keyword Research in SEO

Keyword research is the main component of SEO and all marketing activities online. No matter what kind of an online business, no matter what niche you’re in, if you know how to do keyword research, you have an essential skill for Internet marketing. That includes search engine optimization. Keywords are how you reach people online. It’s what makes the world go round. People input keywords into, not only the Google search engine, the Bing search engine, Yahoo, ask Jeeves, all the major search engines, but they also put them into sites like YouTube and article directories. They actually search for things within other blogs. They search for things on Amazon. People are always using keywords. It’s really what makes the Internet go round.

It’s knowing how to find keywords that people are looking for, and how to position those keywords is how you can get found. That’s an essential strategy. If you can do that, then you can actually connect people that want what you have to offer them, and that’s a perfect marriage that you want to get together; so that’s where keyword research comes into play. Finding buyer keywords are money. Keyword research is a real art and it’s something you want to master. High traffic keywords are not always the best ones to go after, so you should quickly take that out of your mind. A lot of people get caught up and think, “I’ve got to find keywords that are getting a 100,000 or a million visits per month. I need to target those. I need to rank for that keyword.”

Local SEO Analyses

SEO Publication releases new reports analyzing the five top-ranking websites in popular verticals in several major U.S. metropolitan areas each month. These reports tell most of the story as to why Google and/or Bing believes these sites best represent the most relevant answer to searchers queries in the given industry. This is why these sites (your competitors) are ranked so highly. The SEO report for your industry and locality will serve as a valuable guide for your website manager to move your company’s site to the first page.

Use the form below to select the industry and location for the reports you would like to purchase. We will email a payment and download link for the selected report. In the field labeled Message, ask any questions you may have. Suggest a new specialty and/or metropolitan area and we will consider it for analysis. If your industry or region is not listed, you can request a custom report quote.